Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reno Nightmares

In the spirit of Halloween let's talk about something scary. And it's not ghosts or goblins, it's RENO NIGHTMARES. They happen, and they happen often. Most people think that doing it yourself is a great idea...looks easy enough on tv, right?  But without the help of a professional, most projects, big or small, end up as a frightening, unprofessional mess. And sometimes these messes will cost you more in the end to have them fixed, causing you to lose out on what you think you are saving.  You are left with renovation nightmares, design horror stories, and regretful (and sometimes scary!) decisions!

So how do you invest your money into your home the right way without having a scary outcome? Do it right the first time. Hire a PROFESSIONAL to design, plan, and deliver. A professional designer will work with you to manage your investment and skillfully create the ultimate space you and your lifestyle.  Those renovation horror stories will be avoided and replaced by sweet dreams ...perhaps in your newly designed master bedroom?

At ARIM, we rely on quality suppliers, ideas, and skills to complete your design project on time, on budget, and with thoughtful and valuable designs for your home. Whatever the size of your project.  Let us save you from telling scary renovation horror stories about YOUR home.

Happy Halloween from ARIM!

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