Friday, January 31, 2014

If You Were A Fabric, What Would YOU Look Like?

  “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill

Your home is your personal space. It is where you feel safe and a place where you feel comfort. It's where you create lasting memories and entertain for the ones you love. The space you live in reflects YOUR personality . So shouldn't it be BEAUTIFUL and STYLISH like you are?!

When you look at a beautifully designed space your eyes are drawn to points of interest; TEXTURES, COLOURS, and PATTERNS. Most of these amazing points of interest are brought through FABRICS, and can be the easiest way to create the personality that your home deserves. If you were a fabric what would YOU look like?

Fabrics can be brought into a room through throw pillows, upholstered furniture, window treatments and wall treatments. Picture textured sofas with geometric, floral or solid patterned throw pillows...and a contrast trim detail of course! Would you prefer dramatic heavy drapery, or light, airy fabric blinds? What about your bedding?  Do you want soft and relaxing linen or a sexy, sleek silk?  The options are ENDLESS. Imagine chevron, herringbone, toiles, and paisley. Different thickness, feels, and colours that entice your senses.

At A Room In Mind we have incredible fabric suppliers that meet the needs of all our clients fabulous personalities and lifestyles. We have access to thousands of different patterns and collections. Add character to your home by using fabrics that you will love to look at and touch everyday, and be proud to show guests a home that is an extension of YOU.  It is your home after all, you deserve to show it off.

Do you have a room in mind?

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