Wednesday, December 4, 2013

INVITE ONLY: Floor Model Furniture Sale

Pssssstt..... We've got a special opportunity for YOU! 
Since this season is all about giving, we want to share some incredible savings with you! One of our main (and favourite!) suppliers to the Design Trade is holding their annual Floor Model Clearance Sale.  One amazing designer showroom, and here is the fun part.... it's INVITE ONLY...and we want to invite you!
Imagine beautiful furniture, area rugs, and accessories in one amazing Designer showroom. And the best part?  The savings start at 40% off!
Quality furnishings can be one of the most valuable investments for your home because it LASTS. You're home should be a space where you feel comfortable and confident. Some of the amazing furniture and rug companies include Norwalk, Van Gogh, Robert Allen and Feizy. Quality brands that not only wear well but have timeless style. It is bonus if you can save some money on quality furniture pieces at the same time!

Your invitation is your ticket to this amazing SALE. Let us be your Santa this Christmas. Email A Room In Mind to get your invite TODAY!
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reno Nightmares

In the spirit of Halloween let's talk about something scary. And it's not ghosts or goblins, it's RENO NIGHTMARES. They happen, and they happen often. Most people think that doing it yourself is a great idea...looks easy enough on tv, right?  But without the help of a professional, most projects, big or small, end up as a frightening, unprofessional mess. And sometimes these messes will cost you more in the end to have them fixed, causing you to lose out on what you think you are saving.  You are left with renovation nightmares, design horror stories, and regretful (and sometimes scary!) decisions!

So how do you invest your money into your home the right way without having a scary outcome? Do it right the first time. Hire a PROFESSIONAL to design, plan, and deliver. A professional designer will work with you to manage your investment and skillfully create the ultimate space you and your lifestyle.  Those renovation horror stories will be avoided and replaced by sweet dreams ...perhaps in your newly designed master bedroom?

At ARIM, we rely on quality suppliers, ideas, and skills to complete your design project on time, on budget, and with thoughtful and valuable designs for your home. Whatever the size of your project.  Let us save you from telling scary renovation horror stories about YOUR home.

Happy Halloween from ARIM!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Start Your Holiday Projects TODAY

Believe it or not the holidays are coming! It IS hard to think about gift, turkey, and snow...but it is going to sneak up on us. What a lot of people don't realize is that in order to have a fabulous room done in time for the holidays,  you have to start TODAY.

Picture your new kitchen bustling with family and the great smells of holiday treats. Or your stunning new living room with a holiday tree and a cozy, decorated fireplace. We can help you create the perfect space for entertaining. You deserve it.

Great design doesn't happen overnight. It takes time for planning, proposals, ordering and set up. Three to four months is standard for an entire project completion.

Open your doors to us at A Room In Mind and let us work our magic. We have incredible team of suppliers to help you create the space you have been dreaming of...and they have incredible fall sales on now! Do you have a room in mind!?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Princess Margaret Lotto's Oakville Prize Home

An amazing charity for a great cause. Princess Margaret Lotto is always full of great prizes, raising funds and awareness to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. The highlight for most who live in the Halton Region is the Oakville prize home. This week we took a tour and fell in love!

Brian Gluckstein, sophisticated interior designer, did an amazing job. Gluckstein's style is seen throughout the entire home with clean line, trendy and elegant flare. From the second you walk in the door you will be in awe.

The house is elegant from ceiling to floor with amazing attention to detail. It is hard to pick our favourite room. The home features 5 bedrooms, a stunning kitchen, family room, study, dining room and recreation room. Unique bonuses include a wine cellar, home gym, and library.

Each bedroom has an ensuite but the master ensuite is to die for. Heated floors, a large walk-in shower, soaker tub, enclosed toilet and even a built-in bookcase behind tub. It looks out of a magazine.

This home would be an incredible place to entertain and truly is a dream home. Tickets are still available from now until November 21st. Help support cancer research and if you get the chance, check our this stunning home!

Visit for more information.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Impact of Custom Furniture

Creating a unique space in your home can be easier than you think. Everyone wants their own space to come home to that creates comfort and reflects their personality. It really are those personal touches that set your home aside from the home next door. One of the easiest ways to be unique in your decor is custom furniture.

You don't want to be one of those people that has the same Ikea furniture as the person down the street. Like the "Lack Table" that everyone has 50 of. We know we all love Ikea but furniture should be an investment. 

Custom furniture gives you the option to mix and match different styles, textures and patterns. You can walk into a showroom and find a piece that is already your dream piece of furniture, but it is even more personal to be able to pick what YOU want. It is YOUR investment after all. Customizing fabrics, welts, and backing can be an amazing way to make your furniture truly yours. 

Contrary to what people believe, you don't want your furniture to be a "matchy matchy" set. Picture a plain black sofa, with a matching black chair, and coordinating black ottoman. Yes it is simple, but you can guarantee your neighbour has the same set. Now imagine a textured grey sofa, with white welting and uniquely formed arms. Pairing it with a bold patterned set of lounge chairs that pull in threads of that same grey but also other colours. Throwing on custom fabric toss cushions pulling the full scheme together.

Furniture does not always have to match. The pieces just need to compliment each other and have similiar attributes. THAT is how you create a truly unique space. Personalized just to you. Sounds more worth that investment now doesn't it?

That is what we specialize in at A Room In Mind. Truly unique spaces with creative pieces.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Booming New Trend: Vintage Eclectic Decor

Eclectic. Bringing old and new styles together to make a truly unique space. It's stylish and it's different. A huge decorating trend right now is the Vintage Eclectic look. Think mason jars, repurposed doors, pop art, and antique accessories. It is done in such a way that old styled pieces look new. Bright colours and varying textures pull the space together to give a modern feel.

How neat is it that you can pull pieces from different style periods together and have them work in harmony? And that's how it is done. Imagine a Victorian styled chair, upholstered in a bright new fabric paired with a great metal side table. Or how incredibly popular the chevron pattern is? It's everywhere. Chevron was HUGE in the 1920's-1940's Art Deco period. Cool fact, chevron was a V shaped symbol used originally in the military on badges and uniforms. It was then brought into fabrics and architecture. Now look at it!
Vintage. Great pieces that remind us of the past. There are authentic pieces, accessories that are found at thrift stores, flea markets, or antique shops. Or because of the booming trend, there are tons of vintage inspired accessories. Old clocks, mirrors, rustic furniture, fabrics. The options are endless. 

Ultimately it is about balance. Finding the balance between eclectic and chaos. Basic design principles still need to be used like pattern, colour, scale and form. There needs to be simple similarities between the elements. Furniture, window treatment, and accessories that are unique but still work well together. As it's popularity grows, be sure to look out for more great eclectic design!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Can You Afford an Interior Decorator or Interior Designer for Your Renovations?

Can you afford to hire an Interior Decorator or Interior Designer for your renovations? 

My Question Is: Can You Afford Not To?

The time it takes for you to make informed, design savvy decisions about your, lets say, bathroom design, could be endless! Not to mention the money you might spend on an uninformed, regretful decision like..."but the marble counter top was so pretty...I didn't realize my makeup would stain it!"

Can You Afford an Interior Decorator or Interior Designer for your Renovations
Natural or porcelain tile, tile size, tile layout, grout colour and size of grout lines are all details that, when executed well in a Bathroom Design, can make the difference between nice and AMAZING.  

Can You Afford an Interior Decorator or Interior DesignerMaybe you didn't realize that you could switch the placement of your shower and toilet to enjoy a more spacious shower? Interior Designers are experts in knowing the details that can make or break a room design. 

So the question for most people is actual cost.  While every Design Firm is different, for $300 you are able to hire my firm; A ROOM IN MIND, a Burlington based Interior Design firm specializing in residential design, for two hours.  This investment gives you two hours of Design Advice that could help make your renovation not just nice...but AMAZING.  Effortlessly. Without regret.  It is worth every penny...or hire a professional for important investments like your home. 

Visit for more details.

Monday, April 8, 2013


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