Thursday, July 3, 2014

Feeling Inspired With GROHE Faucets

 The team at ARIM is constantly looking for new ways to be inspired in the world of design, so an invitation that we received in June to attend a GROHE event (Europe’s largest and the world’s leading single-brand manufacturer and supplier of sanitary fittings) at Toronto's Four Seasons Hotel, was just the right ticket to keep our minds swirling with fresh and innovative design ideas for the bathroom, kitchen, and more! 

  We were AMAZED with the presentation (along with the stunning new Four Seasons Hotel, mouth watering wine and hors d'oeuvres of course).  Paul Flowers, Sr. Vice President of Design at Grohe, led the seminar and had his audience locked on visuals of new products and ears open to upcoming trends.  Paul's passion for his work is visible both in his designs and also in the way he talks about the Grohe brand. Working out of Germany with his design team (in a "secret design laboratory"...for real), he is seamlessly able to "unite award-winning design with the finest materials and the latest industry-leading technologies."  We were given a small yet powerful insight into how Grohe products are thoughtfully crafted to produce creative excellence and innovative fixtures. This same passion has also won Grohe's design team the highest accolade in the field of product design, the Red Dot award. This award has previously been awarded to huge, design savvy companies such a Mercedes-Benz, Apple and Sony.

  Now let's talk GROHE products in your home!  Imagine creating a beautiful spa in your home with products that you love and use with ease. Deep relaxation created with fixtures that are both stylish in appearance and also designed with a simplicity to reach the consumers every need. Eco-friendly solutions are implemented by giving the consumer the ability to save water through digital temperature control, spray dimmers, and integrated flow. And the style options are endless...classic, contemporary, and modern designs are available to meet your personal style wish-list.  One of our favourite design visions from the presentation was a line of fixtures that are movable! Yes...move your tub or sink with you to your next house...or just to the other side of the room for a new, distinct layout.  Innovation and creativity at its finest.

 Quality, technology, design and sustainability. Four brand values at Grohe that speak volumes to our team at ARIM. Reducing a carbon footprint, being consumer friendly, and being up to date with the latest design trends is why Grohe's products are a "go to" brand for us and our clients.  "Pure Freude an Wasser" the new Grohe slogan means "pure joy in water"...the team at ARIM is excited to add this Grohe element to many of our upcoming designs!

A special thanks to Matthew Farwell (Director of National Accounts, ARIM client, and friend) for extending the invitation to ARIM.  A great way to escape the office and keep our creative brains flowing.