Thursday, October 22, 2015

With the arrival of Fall we often think of Reds, Oranges and Golds but it is the colour Blue that is inspiring me this Autumn.  As the Toronto Blue Jays fever continues to heat up and they look forward to winning the AL Pennant and entering the World Series, I am finding myself drawn to anything in design that is Blue. It is fabulous to be a part of the excitement in the GTA and all across Canada!  Nothing brings Canadians together as well as a winning team or of course a good old fashioned snow storm! 

As a long time Blue Jays fan I find myself wondering is this fascination with Blue just a coincidence or is it a great timeless colour?  I think probably a bit of both. House Beautiful is telling us that Greek Blue, the blue of the Mediterranean, is a colour trend for 2015. They are also seeing deep, rich blues with a glossy finish, as most desired.  Bathrooms are always a popular spot but how about outside? 

We love the classic look of a Navy Blue front door.  Where are you looking to add some Blue to your life and home? Besides your favourite Blue Jays cap of course!

Make Blue the Pillar of your design choice (Get it, Get it? ah forget it ...)