Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Look INSIDE The Coles Dream Renovation: Interior Finishes

 We have updates! The ball is rolling on our dream renovation as we are moving into the next phase of the project. It is exciting to see the bones in place with the framing complete... not to mention the brand new roof! But, like any renovation, it hasn't gone as smooth as we had hoped.

 Being on the other side of the renovation, we are getting the full experience and have realized how truly important it is for everyone to work as a TEAM. Many different trades come into play during a home renovation and it is crucial that each team member works efficiently and delivers the quality and deadline that was promised. This is a hopeful thought but unfortunately is not always the reality and can bring quite a bit of tension to the project.
  Tensions aside, the vision is becoming a reality as we have nailed down our interior finish concepts!

It is time to show off our colour scheme! Warm greys, pops of vibrant colour, and soft textures will fill our family's home. This will create the perfect amount of contrast against our handscraped hardwood flooring. A custom sofa has been ordered through Brentwood Classics, one of our go-to suppliers located in Toronto. The sofa has a contemporary look with unique stud detailing. We cannot wait to share photos of the piece when it arrives!

 The kitchen will have a bright and open concept. We will create a space that feels large and inviting through the use of light backsplash and countertops... perfect for our bustling family and dinner guests! We chose a quartz countertop with a carrara marble look for a sharp and sophisticated design element. The kitchen will feature a deep apron sink and a chimney style range hood above the stove. This hood will extend to reach the 11" foot ceiling height!

  Now for our tranquil escape.... the master ensuite. After a crazy week, we crave that perfect room to unwind. Warm greys and soft marble finishes will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.  Visual interest will be added through a unique basket weave tile with tone on tone neutrals. Tub and fixtures will be supplied through DXV, an incredible company that has helped us to achieve our beautiful design. 

 Even though we have had our set backs thus far, we know that this renovation will be a learning experience and have a rewarding outcome for our family home. Stay tuned for more updates and photos! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Coles Dream Renovation: The Beginning Phase

 There is a very special ARIM project in the works! Owner of A Room In Mind, Keely Coles, has taken on another exciting adventure of home renovation....but this time in her OWN home.  Keely and her husband Mike, have decided to renovate their cozy bungalow in downtown Burlington to create their very own dream home for their growing family.

 The small bungalow was a "zero hesitation purchase" for the Coles Family, moving in 5 years ago when Keely was pregnant with her first baby.  Upon moving in, they fell in the love with the neighbourhood and location in downtown Burlington and knew that the home would one day be a renovation project.  The home was small, but at that point in their lives the layout was manageable. Five years and two busy children later, it is time for the Coles Family to expand and bring a functional dream space to life.

 The plans for the renovation started in November of 2013 with the help of Darren Sanger Smith at Structured Creations. Keely and Darren worked together to create a more efficient space that meets the needs of a growing and busy family lifestyle.  The plans evolved into a great room addition that expands the width of the house, a basement addition that includes 9' ceilings, a complete gut of the existing interior, and a new front porch.  
For the exterior of the home, Darren designed a fa├žade 
 that fits both into the appearance of the neighbourhood and also visually flows into the interior of the home. Featuring a craftsman style exterior, the colours chosen and attention to detail create a warm and inviting family home.

 In the interior of the home, a mix of transitional and contemporary style will be a focus throughout. Keely wanted a style that reflected both her design work and a comfortable family atmosphere. The floorplan and finishes will be thoughtfully designed to focus on the common theme of "attention to the detail" to enhance every corner of their "new" bungalow. The open concept feel in the main living space will create the ultimate great room with specific attention to the traffic flow needed for a busy family...and perfect for entertaining family and friends!

 The renovation is still in the beginning construction phase, and the main finishes are being selected as we speak! The colour palette will feature soft neutral permanent finishes, pops of colour, and black and white contrasts for a hit of the unexpected.  Neutral hard finishes such as flooring and tile will leave room for pattern and extra detail to add character.   Hand scraped engineered Hickory hardwood that is stained medium brown will run throughout. This is a great option for a warm, family friendly home, as the texture makes imperfections less visible...perfect for young busy children!

 Balancing clients and the design of her own home will be a challenge for Keely in the upcoming months.  But her experience, expertise, and access to the latest home products is giving her and her family a leg up.  Her hands will be full with sourcing cabinetry, millwork details, furniture, fabrics, and accessories...as well as managing all of the trades to make sure they are finished on time and budget.  Stay tuned for more renovation updates as the Coles' dream home unfolds.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Feeling Inspired With GROHE Faucets

 The team at ARIM is constantly looking for new ways to be inspired in the world of design, so an invitation that we received in June to attend a GROHE event (Europe’s largest and the world’s leading single-brand manufacturer and supplier of sanitary fittings) at Toronto's Four Seasons Hotel, was just the right ticket to keep our minds swirling with fresh and innovative design ideas for the bathroom, kitchen, and more! 

  We were AMAZED with the presentation (along with the stunning new Four Seasons Hotel, mouth watering wine and hors d'oeuvres of course).  Paul Flowers, Sr. Vice President of Design at Grohe, led the seminar and had his audience locked on visuals of new products and ears open to upcoming trends.  Paul's passion for his work is visible both in his designs and also in the way he talks about the Grohe brand. Working out of Germany with his design team (in a "secret design laboratory"...for real), he is seamlessly able to "unite award-winning design with the finest materials and the latest industry-leading technologies."  We were given a small yet powerful insight into how Grohe products are thoughtfully crafted to produce creative excellence and innovative fixtures. This same passion has also won Grohe's design team the highest accolade in the field of product design, the Red Dot award. This award has previously been awarded to huge, design savvy companies such a Mercedes-Benz, Apple and Sony.

  Now let's talk GROHE products in your home!  Imagine creating a beautiful spa in your home with products that you love and use with ease. Deep relaxation created with fixtures that are both stylish in appearance and also designed with a simplicity to reach the consumers every need. Eco-friendly solutions are implemented by giving the consumer the ability to save water through digital temperature control, spray dimmers, and integrated flow. And the style options are endless...classic, contemporary, and modern designs are available to meet your personal style wish-list.  One of our favourite design visions from the presentation was a line of fixtures that are movable! Yes...move your tub or sink with you to your next house...or just to the other side of the room for a new, distinct layout.  Innovation and creativity at its finest.

 Quality, technology, design and sustainability. Four brand values at Grohe that speak volumes to our team at ARIM. Reducing a carbon footprint, being consumer friendly, and being up to date with the latest design trends is why Grohe's products are a "go to" brand for us and our clients.  "Pure Freude an Wasser" the new Grohe slogan means "pure joy in water"...the team at ARIM is excited to add this Grohe element to many of our upcoming designs!

A special thanks to Matthew Farwell (Director of National Accounts, ARIM client, and friend) for extending the invitation to ARIM.  A great way to escape the office and keep our creative brains flowing.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ARIM's Stylish Spring Projects: Custom Kitchens

Spring is finally here! Maybe?...almost? Well it is officially spring at ARIM!  Time to spring into action, crawl out of hibernation, and start spring projects that will make a BIG impact on your day to day living and home investment.  The spring project that we can't get out of our minds is a STUNNING kitchen makeover.  Spring is a perfect time of year to start this type of project!  Get outside while a team of professionals work inside to update and create your dream kitchen.  And we are not talking about investing in a typical "cookie cutter" kitchen, we are talking about thinking outside the box and creating a beautifully unique kitchen that compliments both your favourite design styles and your personal lifestyle.  When its time to come back inside again in the fall, you'll be happy you did!
Kitchen Design entails several key elements. The first basic element is FUNCTIONAL LAYOUT.  In the Interior Design world we call this the "work triangle".  The work triangle is the traffic pattern between the main workstations, being the range, fridge and sink area. An efficient layout will allow you to work between these areas with ease. Imagine a poorly designed work triangle (maybe you have one?)...Maybe you are trying to move that hot pot from the stove to the sink and you going from one end of the kitchen to the other. With a properly designed work triangle, a designer strategically plans an efficient layout creating cooking freedom and allowing more cooks (or the whole party!) in the kitchen.
Another key element to kitchen design is AESTHETICS. We are talking about all of the beautiful finishes that are available, and using them with thoughtful balance. This is where your kitchen becomes YOUR kitchen. Backsplash, flooring, and countertops come in a variety of beautiful styles, colours, and patterns to choose from.  Do you love the "white kitchen" trend but are afraid of everyday cleaning?  For you, the right "off white" cabinetry paired with a white and grey vein quartz countertop will alleviate concerns of obvious everyday kitchen messes. Complimented with a beautiful textured (and easy to clean!) subway tile or a mosaic of hexagonal patterned backsplash, your dream white kitchen becomes a reality without concern. 
And we can't forget DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!  These are the finishing touches that make your dream kitchen REALLY dreamy. Choosing the right wall colour, trim, hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures are as equally important as the layout and countertop selection. If you consider yourself a contemporary style lover,  then your kitchen may showcase soft & cool grey glossy slab cabinetry, paired with sleek stainless steel hardware and faucets.  If traditional is more your style, you will see warmer white face-framed cabinetry, paired with oil rubbed bronze or aged gold accents. Combining all of these detailed decisions in the right balance are important aspects of the design process that can make your kitchen truly unique.
Kitchen style combinations are endless and sometimes overwhelming!  Our job at ARIM is to find the the perfect floor plan for your family, the right combination of finishes, and the perfect details that reflect your lifestyle and things you love. 
Do you have A ROOM KITCHEN In Mind?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Finding Your Inner Design Style & Celebrating It In Your Home

Do you have that room in your house that makes you cringe? A room that makes you want to keep the door shut when company is over? It is surprising how many people will answer YES! Well, you shouldn't have to. Your home is reflection of YOU. Things you love, your lifestyle, memories, your "happy place".

Most of our clients know what their favourite decor style is but have trouble implementing it thoughtfully throughout their home. Some people know what they DON'T want, or, don't even know what they love until they see it! This is where a trained professional eye can help...and make your home something to celebrate! 

 At ARIM, our main focus is creating a space that is a reflection of our clients. We help clients find their inner design "loves" and give them the ability to design and decorate in their favourite style.  Our goal is for you to feel proud of every square inch of your home...no cringing when a guest asks for a tour!
So, what inspires you?

Are you a "Contemporary Trend Seeker"? Bold patterned fabrics in the hottest new colour.  "Cool" quality custom furnishings that are unique to you. Funky, personality-filled accents that become conversational topics for your guests.  

Or are you more of a "Traditional Design Connoisseur"? Beautiful details like fabric trims, furniture piping, and detailed hardware. Elegant sofas and flowing drapery. Handsome wood furnishings and stunning area rugs. A space that makes you want to entertain with a great bottle of wine.

Or maybe you want to mix two (or more!) styles together?  A stunning mix of trendy AND traditional can be beautiful! This style is our favourite at ARIM and the most popular with our clients. Quality furnishings and details that will last a lifetime, highlighted with on-trend accents and colours.

Let us inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and find that inner design style that you have been dreaming of.  Don't close the doors or be shameful anymore when family and friends come to visit...let ARIM help you create a home you can celebrate...and brag about if you want to!

Friday, January 31, 2014

If You Were A Fabric, What Would YOU Look Like?

  “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill

Your home is your personal space. It is where you feel safe and a place where you feel comfort. It's where you create lasting memories and entertain for the ones you love. The space you live in reflects YOUR personality . So shouldn't it be BEAUTIFUL and STYLISH like you are?!

When you look at a beautifully designed space your eyes are drawn to points of interest; TEXTURES, COLOURS, and PATTERNS. Most of these amazing points of interest are brought through FABRICS, and can be the easiest way to create the personality that your home deserves. If you were a fabric what would YOU look like?

Fabrics can be brought into a room through throw pillows, upholstered furniture, window treatments and wall treatments. Picture textured sofas with geometric, floral or solid patterned throw pillows...and a contrast trim detail of course! Would you prefer dramatic heavy drapery, or light, airy fabric blinds? What about your bedding?  Do you want soft and relaxing linen or a sexy, sleek silk?  The options are ENDLESS. Imagine chevron, herringbone, toiles, and paisley. Different thickness, feels, and colours that entice your senses.

At A Room In Mind we have incredible fabric suppliers that meet the needs of all our clients fabulous personalities and lifestyles. We have access to thousands of different patterns and collections. Add character to your home by using fabrics that you will love to look at and touch everyday, and be proud to show guests a home that is an extension of YOU.  It is your home after all, you deserve to show it off.

Do you have a room in mind?

Monday, January 13, 2014


A MUST SEE! A Room In Mind has completed another incredible transformation. Located in a stunning neighborhood in Oakville, this space was transformed into a stylish and cozy hideaway for this busy young couple.

The clients, Heather and Peter are young doctors living an extremely busy lifestyle. When they aren't working long hours at the hospital, they enjoy travelling around the world. This does not leave a lot of time left in their schedules for decorating! The main level of their home, specifically the living room and piano room, were areas where they were craving BIG CHANGE. Heather and Peter love to entertain and had just recently renovated their backyard into an incredible place to throw social events. Now it was time to invest in these other spaces....they were dying to be FUNCTIONAL AND STYLISH!

The living room was overwhelmed by large furniture pieces; some of which were Peter's favourite items. The colour scheme and patterns were dated and dark. Heather was looking for something NEW, BRIGHT, and FRESH! The compromise was met by keeping the existing sofa but balancing the size with the right sized toss cushions, area rug, and new complimenting furniture pieces. A cozy chaise lounge and two subtle animal print patterned arm chairs truly pulled the space together. All three pieces were customized with details that balanced WEIGHT, COLOUR AND STYLE. The walls were brightened with a soft neutral, and pops of COLOUR were brought in with bold throw pillows and incredible abstract art. The transformation was night and day! The living room is now the perfect place to entertain, and is equally a perfect space to  read or enjoy a quiet glass of wine after a long day of work. 

The piano room had similar dillemas. Heather feared that the space lacked character, seating, and was to dark. The clients felt the room missed the opportunity of being used to it's full potential. ARIM thoughtfully planned the changes around the client's love for music. The stunning grand piano became the focus, the walls were toned down to a coordinating soft neutral, and seating was added by using two custom lounge chairs. The fabric on the chairs and drapery were so unique, giving them a tasteful amount of SPARKLE.  Music inspired artwork, a touch of COLOUR in the toss cushions, and a new silk rug added the subtle touches to give this room a brand new feel. This created another perfect space for Heather and Peter to entertain and relax with music.

This project was smooth and successful! ARIM listened to the specific needs of the client and was able to create the dream spaces that they were looking for!

This is what we strive for at A Room In Mind...creating a BEAUTIFUL, QUALITY space that reflects the client's lifestyle and personality. Be sure to check out more pictures on our facebook page!