Thursday, November 19, 2015

This is what I see....

Friends and people I meet often make some version of the following comment to me,

"Oh, I don't want YOU to come over to my house, my house is a disaster, isn't quite finished, a work in progress, etc.  Don't judge me ok? Ha Ha!"

I always laugh and smile because although I would never judge someones character based on their focal wall gone wrong, I will definitely notice...and will most likely have it redesigned in my brain within minutes.

As a passionate designer, I can't turn that part of my brain off.  Ever since I was a kid, I loved the idea of moving furniture around in my bedroom, trying to figure out the "best layout" for my 12 year old self.   My brother and I would design homes on graph paper in the backseat of the car while my dad got lost on our family vacation to Florida.

So, I will absolutely notice your half finished bathroom or your unorganized office/basement that has been taken over by the kids.  The really bad layout of your living room and the artwork that could have been SO much better if it was moved over there, I see that too.  But don't worry, it's not just in your house that I notice these things.  I notice them in every space I am in. The restaurant, the waiting room, the airport and the office at my children's school.  That is my job.  But it is also something that I am extremely passionate about, and it comes quite easily to me.

I hesitate in saying that it comes easy because I do not want people to assume Interior Decorating & Design is an easy job, because like most professional jobs, it's not.  It was easy for me to come up with the idea in my head about how your living space could be 'wow' instead of 'ok' while chatting over a glass of wine at your Christmas party.  Then comes the part where professional experience is key.  The right questions need to be asked and answered, detailed measurements and plans executed, research on specific styles and products, and knowing the best trades to contact to get your project completed on in a timely fashion within a specific budget.  That is how I make the original idea grow and come to life in a way that compliments your lifestyle, design & decorating goals, budget, and timeline.

Plain and simple, all of the above elements are the best reason to hire a professional designer.  For most of the designers I know, the initial ideas and excitement of creating, manipulating, and changing a space come easy.  But from experience and expertise come the answers to why, how, when, where, and the ever important "how much will all of that cost".

Our team at ARIM considers the details of how to create a beautiful and functional space while balancing your Wish List along with your life. We will consider what will actually work for YOU and what impact the design will have on your life.  Elements considered include ...

~ Kids & pets.
~ Work schedules.
~ How and where you entertain.
~ Day to day routines.
~ Specific timelines and budget.
~ Future plans.

The combination of creative thought, passion, and professional experience is how design projects turn into picture perfect spaces, from conception to completion.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

With the arrival of Fall we often think of Reds, Oranges and Golds but it is the colour Blue that is inspiring me this Autumn.  As the Toronto Blue Jays fever continues to heat up and they look forward to winning the AL Pennant and entering the World Series, I am finding myself drawn to anything in design that is Blue. It is fabulous to be a part of the excitement in the GTA and all across Canada!  Nothing brings Canadians together as well as a winning team or of course a good old fashioned snow storm! 

As a long time Blue Jays fan I find myself wondering is this fascination with Blue just a coincidence or is it a great timeless colour?  I think probably a bit of both. House Beautiful is telling us that Greek Blue, the blue of the Mediterranean, is a colour trend for 2015. They are also seeing deep, rich blues with a glossy finish, as most desired.  Bathrooms are always a popular spot but how about outside? 

We love the classic look of a Navy Blue front door.  Where are you looking to add some Blue to your life and home? Besides your favourite Blue Jays cap of course!

Make Blue the Pillar of your design choice (Get it, Get it? ah forget it ...)



Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chair Affair 2015 & Furniture Bank

      A Room in Mind is so proud to be a part of this year’s Chair Affair event put on by Furniture Bank.  Chair Affair is Furniture Bank’s annual auction based gala and fundraiser which teams up with prominent artists and designers to reimagine, redesign and repurpose old chairs for auction. It is an evening of fun, food and drinks where designers and leaders in the furniture loving and home decor industries join together to raise funds and help clients find warmth, dignity and stability in their new homes.  We took a trip to the warehouse to choose the chair we will be working on and were simply amazed at the good work they do there!

Feeling inspired to transform our simple frame into something fabulous! We are looking forward to the Gala in October to see all the amazing transformations and spend an evening in fabulous design company.  Follow #ChairAffairCDN on twitter to see all the transformations!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Design & Colour Consultations

  Advice ~ It may be all you need.

Two Hour Design Consultation- Recently I met with a lovely couple in Oakville for their 2 hour In Home Design Consultation.  They had a variety of questions about updating their home.

"We love a warm Tuscan feel and would like to update our Family Room fireplace. How can we incorporate this with our existing furniture and open concept kitchen?"

"Our Master Bedroom needs more storage options, an updated fireplace, and a cozy current atmosphere.  But we want to keep the existing bedding and footprint, what options do we have?"  

These are examples of the many types of design questions that get answered during a Two Hour Consultation.  This particular couple also needed recommendation for a dependable contractor to provide quality workmanship. Further design expertise was all they needed to create concrete design plans and product options to keep their project moving, so they signed on with ARIM to continue working on their project once they had completed their Consultation.  Some clients need professional advice only, and are happy to move forward with sourcing and planning of their project on their own.  The advice given in the 2 hour consulation was all they needed to get started! 


Email us and to book your consultation soon ~ Evening appointments available.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why Hire a Designer?

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life. Having a well designed, well thought out home can be a huge asset to your life, emotionally and financially. As much as we all love that inexpensive DIY project, it is not always a positive investment for our home. After all, it is the place that we come home to everyday, make memories, and raise our families in, shouldn't it be perfect?

1. Money Matters- Most people believe that doing it themselves will save them money. Having your handy neighbour do that job that looks easy, could end up costing you even more in the long run. Spend the money on a professional and do it right the first time.

2. Trained Eye- A designer is educated on how to make a space beautiful and functional. Staying up to date on trends and having access to innovative products gives them a creative edge.

3. Wide Range of Resources- Designers have special perks within the industry; a sort of "VIP Access" into high quality products in a wide range of colours and styles. Through a designer’s contacts you can furnish your home with unique custom pieces you won't find in a "cookie cutter" home. Uniquely YOU!

4. Project Management/Budgeting- There is so many elements to consider when it comes to completing your project. Having a budgeting system in place will keep your project moving smoothly and will ensure you won't break the bank.

5. Outside Of The Box Ideas- Knowing your home's full potential can be tough. A fresh idea or a new and innovative element can change the way you look at your space and change your outlook on how you feel about a certain style.

6. Adding Real Estate Value- It is important to add value to your home but also to create a versatile design scheme that will work for the next person who may live in your home. A designer will know the right colours and styles to give your home the best potential value.

7. Alleviate Stress- Renovations can be extremely stressful so it will be worth every penny to have an expert to pull you through your project.

8. Passion/Motivation- How many projects have you started around the house and never finished? Or even finished but taken much longer to complete than anticipated? With a professional by your side, your project will get done on a reasonable timeline.

9. Trade Connections- Not sure who is the best painter or plumber to use? Designers have access to the best professionals who will get the work done right the first time. These are connections you need to have!

10. Wow Factor With Finished Project- The end result is the most rewarding part of the process. With proper planning and design you can have a home that is functional, comfortable and stylish.  A feeling that is worth every last cent.