Monday, March 3, 2014

Finding Your Inner Design Style & Celebrating It In Your Home

Do you have that room in your house that makes you cringe? A room that makes you want to keep the door shut when company is over? It is surprising how many people will answer YES! Well, you shouldn't have to. Your home is reflection of YOU. Things you love, your lifestyle, memories, your "happy place".

Most of our clients know what their favourite decor style is but have trouble implementing it thoughtfully throughout their home. Some people know what they DON'T want, or, don't even know what they love until they see it! This is where a trained professional eye can help...and make your home something to celebrate! 

 At ARIM, our main focus is creating a space that is a reflection of our clients. We help clients find their inner design "loves" and give them the ability to design and decorate in their favourite style.  Our goal is for you to feel proud of every square inch of your cringing when a guest asks for a tour!
So, what inspires you?

Are you a "Contemporary Trend Seeker"? Bold patterned fabrics in the hottest new colour.  "Cool" quality custom furnishings that are unique to you. Funky, personality-filled accents that become conversational topics for your guests.  

Or are you more of a "Traditional Design Connoisseur"? Beautiful details like fabric trims, furniture piping, and detailed hardware. Elegant sofas and flowing drapery. Handsome wood furnishings and stunning area rugs. A space that makes you want to entertain with a great bottle of wine.

Or maybe you want to mix two (or more!) styles together?  A stunning mix of trendy AND traditional can be beautiful! This style is our favourite at ARIM and the most popular with our clients. Quality furnishings and details that will last a lifetime, highlighted with on-trend accents and colours.

Let us inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and find that inner design style that you have been dreaming of.  Don't close the doors or be shameful anymore when family and friends come to visit...let ARIM help you create a home you can celebrate...and brag about if you want to!