Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Design & Colour Consultations

  Advice ~ It may be all you need.

Two Hour Design Consultation- Recently I met with a lovely couple in Oakville for their 2 hour In Home Design Consultation.  They had a variety of questions about updating their home.

"We love a warm Tuscan feel and would like to update our Family Room fireplace. How can we incorporate this with our existing furniture and open concept kitchen?"

"Our Master Bedroom needs more storage options, an updated fireplace, and a cozy current atmosphere.  But we want to keep the existing bedding and footprint, what options do we have?"  

These are examples of the many types of design questions that get answered during a Two Hour Consultation.  This particular couple also needed recommendation for a dependable contractor to provide quality workmanship. Further design expertise was all they needed to create concrete design plans and product options to keep their project moving, so they signed on with ARIM to continue working on their project once they had completed their Consultation.  Some clients need professional advice only, and are happy to move forward with sourcing and planning of their project on their own.  The advice given in the 2 hour consulation was all they needed to get started! 


Email us and to book your consultation soon ~ Evening appointments available.